How Much Can A Weight Loss Clinic Cost?

Obesity is an increasing problem around the globe. All over the world, people are consuming unhealthy foods and becoming subject to obesity.

Especially, in the past 2 years, many medically fit people have become overweight due to the lockdown. Medical fitness and immunity of people have drastically fallen due to it. Obesity comes with a lot of serious medical problems.

This problem needs to be solved. It can be treated by medically guided diet plans and other weight loss programs offered at weight loss clinics.

People usually don’t care about it when they’re starting to fatten up. The reason is that a diet plan is very difficult to be regularly followed. Medically speaking, a BMI of 30kg/m2 means that you are obese.

You should always choose your weight loss clinic carefully. It should have all the necessary facilities and weight loss programs.

A proper medical weight loss program can make you completely slim and smart in no time. A good weight loss clinic can demand a higher amount of money than others but it will also help you more professionally in losing weight.

The cost raised at a treatment in weight loss clinic depends upon the specific weight loss program.

Columbia University

Columbia University charges weekly. They have a 12-week program. Each week’s (session) cost is $40. Hence, the cost for only the clinical expenses will be $480. Moreover, you’ll have to buy foods according to that diet plan. A small amount will also be raised on buying new clothes as you begin to lose weight.

Virtual Clinics

Some virtual clinics that offer their services online, charge up to $30 per month but that is without any other supplement.

Surgery Expenses

Surgery is recommended only to those patients with very high BMI or those who have some related diseases. The type of surgery also varies with the cause of obesity.

However, a gastric bypass can cost up to $23,000. The lap band and the gastric sleeve can cost you $15000. Most of the people cannot pay $20,000 just for losing weight. So, surgery is mostly performed under serious medical conditions. Some insurance companies also pay for it.


A visit to a nutritionist can cost you almost $100. Some clinics also offer the cost per pound lost. They charge up to $70 per pound.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic

A clinic that offers a completely regulated and monitored weight loss plan can offer up to $1500 per month. These programs start with a genetics test to determine precisely the cause of obesity.

After being examined for a few days by a dietician and physician, a regulated diet plan will be suggested according to the performance. These weight loss programs are very effective for quick weight loss.

Hormone Therapy

In some cases, the patient does not lose weight even after a medical program. The hormone levels of these patients are examined. This mostly happens in women after their menopause when Estrogen level falls in the body. They are treated with a bioidentical hormone therapy by Bubolo Medical cost varies with the method of therapy.

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