Bioidentical Hormones: Learn More About This New Treatment For Menopause

A lot of women are using bioidentical hormones for menopause treatment nowadays. The use of bioidentical hormones is becoming more popular because it is safer and more effective than taking regular hormonal replacement therapy. This article will explain how these hormones work, and what you should know if you are thinking about taking them.

There are two kinds of hormonal treatments used to relieve menopause symptoms: synthetic hormones or bioidentical hormones. So which is better? Actually, the answer lies in a combination of factors. Here are some of them.

Synthetic hormones work by copying the body’s natural hormone production. This causes an imbalance in the body, causing symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles and hot flashes. On the other hand, bioidentical hormones work by producing the same hormone like your body produces. This is why they are called bioidentical. This way, you get the benefits of a regular menopause treatment without the risk of harmful side effects.

Another advantage of bioidentical hormones Miami is that they do not contain any synthetic chemicals. Some common ingredients found in bioidentical creams include soy, wild yam and rice bran oil. These ingredients have been proven to be safe for long-term use, even during menopause. Moreover, bioidentical estrogens and estrogen hormones are manufactured through plant sources, so they are considered completely natural.

When you start bioidentical hormones, you will notice that your menstrual cycles return to normal. Your monthly periods will also become lighter and less painful. You will also notice that your skin looks better than before. Your nails grow stronger and healthier. You can finally say goodbye to menopause and the uncomfortable side effects that come with it!

However, before starting bioidentical hormones in Miami, you need to talk to your doctor about the possible risks that may occur. Hormone treatment is not recommended for women who smoke or use tobacco products, for example. Women who are pregnant or expecting should also avoid bioidentical hormones due to the danger of premature birth.

There are also some minor side effects when you start bioidentical hormones. Some women experience mild headaches and moderate dizziness. Numbness is also a common symptom of bioidentical hormone use. If you are taking too much bioidentical hormone medication, you might also suffer from high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats.

Now that you know what bioidentical hormones can do for you, why not check out the different companies that produce them? You can buy them online and get the best quality supplements at affordable prices. With so many brands to choose from, you can surely find one that is just right for you. Choose bioidentical hormones from a reputable and well-known brand, for a good, reliable hormone therapy product.

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