Why Spinal Cord Stimulations are the New Gold-Standard in Pain Management

If you are looking for an effective treatment for chronic back or neck pain, you understand how challenging it can be. Sometimes surgery and other treatments may not be effective. When that is the case, peripheral field stimulation therapy or spinal cord stimulation in The Woodlands may provide relief and better functioning. The last thing you need is the inability to perform your daily activities as effectively as you would like. When you feel like the pain is holding you back, it can be quite frustrating. Luckily, medical literature shows that spinal cord stimulation can help with various chronic pain conditions like back pain, neck pain, and complex regional pain syndrome. When other treatments are not helping, spinal cord stimulations could be the solution you are looking for and comes with the following benefits:

It is reversible

Unlike most surgical procedures, you can reverse spinal cord stimulation therapy. Suppose you decide you have had enough of the therapy. In that case, you only need to get the electrical contacts, wires, and generator all removed without experiencing any permanent changes to your spine. Unlike surgery, spinal cord stimulations can be reversed if the patient feels they are much better without them or if they want to seek a different form of treatment.


Treating chronic back pain can lead to massive hospital bills. The amount spent every year on back pain in the United States is several billion dollars, and it is a figure that continues to rise. Luckily, with spinal cord stimulation, patients no longer have to pay massive bills for treatment. Its cost is significantly lower than other treatments. Various studies have shown that the procedure is cost-effective and beneficial to anyone suffering from chronic pain.

Minimize or eliminate drug use

Spinal cord stimulations are one of the best ways of getting relief from chronic pain. With the procedure, individuals realize they are becoming less dependent on pain medication and, in some cases, not require any at all.

Pain relief is adjustable

Dealing with pain has been a challenge throughout the ages. Understanding it has been a near-impossible task in the healthcare industry. When it comes to chronic pain, no two people can experience the same type or level of pain. Most people experience a wide variety of discomforts with their condition. Luckily, spinal cord stimulations allow patients to adjust their pain with a handheld controller provided. With the progress in technology, various controllers have originated that facilitate automatic adjustments, depending on the patient’s movements.

Improved sleep

It is nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep when you have chronic pain bothering you. You will keep on waking up and sometimes having sleepless nights. Spinal cord stimulations give you the best opportunity to relieve chronic pain. You will get to sleep peacefully and be productive throughout the day.

Dealing with back pain, spine conditions, or chronic pain can have a massive negative impact on your quality of life. It is the last thing you need because these issues can affect your career, relationships, and daily activities. Feeling like you are limited and cannot do whatever you need to effectively can be a massive setback. Contact Yancey Pain & Spine today to get the relief you have been seeking.

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