Telehealth as the Best Way to Treat Non-Severe Diseases


Telehealth is a way of delivering clinical services to patients through video or audio conferencing. However, not all diseases can be treated or managed through telehealth. Most of the illnesses that can be managed through telehealth are those that are for continuation. According to specialists, all diseases that are at their initial stages cannot be handled without a doctor closer. The major purpose of telehealth is to reduce traffic in the hospital and at the doctor’s office. However, not all health care centers have embraced the use of new technology to offer clinical service. If you need telehealth services for your family and yourself, consult Doctor Seema Chaudhary MD. Below are diseases that telehealth can handle.

Illnesses and services that can be managed through telehealth

There are very many diseases and services that you and your doctor can discuss through audio or video conferencing. However, many people recommend video since you can see the doctor. They include:

  • Eye infections. As we all know, after eye surgery to remove cataracts, you need medication to heal the eyes. If the prescribed medication and eye drops do not bring any change, there is no need to go to the hospital or doctor’s office. Through telehealth, your doctor will prescribe other medication for you.
  • Discussing test results. After a diagnosis, your test results can take a few days to be processed. After they are in, you can discuss them with your doctor through video conferencing.
  • Weight loss tips. There is no need to drive many miles to ask your doctor for tips to lose weight. You can video call your doctor and discuss the tips on a computer or a phone.
  • Sinus problems. After sinus treatment, your doctor can make follow-ups through telehealth. Sinus congestion is not a serious disease after the first treatment.
  • High blood pressure follow-ups. Many old adults suffer from high blood pressure. Doctors are not capable of making an appointment with all the people. Through telehealth, your doctor can make a follow-up by seeing the result of your blood pressure machine.

Importance of telehealth in the modern world

Every medical service comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The major disadvantage of telehealth is that it cannot handle emergency health issues. Benefits include:

  1. Protects patients from communicable diseases. The world we are living in now is under the covid-19 pandemic. Since doctors and their patients are communicating through video, the spread of the virus is minimized.
  2. Improves health access. Every person can get health services via telehealth. This is met since telehealth is not time-limited.
  3. Reduces hospitalization rate. Since people are not visiting the hospital frequently, the rate of hospitalizations of adults with high-risk diseases is reduced.

Telehealth is one of the most effective online ways of offering clinical services. However, it is advisable that you visit your doctor as soon as possible when your health is at risk. For the best telehealth services, talk to Nova Physician Wellness Center. They are the leading provider in the world.

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