What Does a Shot of Dilaudid?

Dilaudid is a reliable treatment for pain. A shot of Dilaudid is enough to free a person from severe and throbbing pain. It can treat mild to serious pain, most especially pain due to surgery and injury.

The most important information you should know about Dilaudid Injection

You must stop or avoid using Dilaudid if you have an allergic reaction to narcotic drugs. You must also avoid taking this drug if you have a bowel obstruction and if you are an asthmatic. Dilaudid is a habit-forming drug. So, it must only be used by the person whom it was recommended. Keep the drug in a safe place far from the reach of children.

Avoid drinking alcohol while you’re getting Dilaudid or hydromorphone. Dangerous, harmful effects or death can happen once a narcotic pain drug like this combined with alcohol. Avoid operating machinery or driving while under this drug. This treatment once taken can affect your concentration, and it can also cause dizziness.

In case you are using this drug for an extended period of time, and you decide to stop taking, do it in a gradual manner. Don’t stop using it instantly as it can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Ask your physician how to keep away from the withdrawal symptoms when you decide to stop using Dilaudid or hydromorphone.

How is Dilaudid Shot given?

Use Dilaudid as prescribed. You have to avoid using Dilaudid in more significant amounts and avoid using longer than recommended by your physician. Follow precisely the instruction on the prescription label. Tell your physician once it stops or no longer effective in relieving your pain.

The Absorption, Metabolism as well as Excretion of Dilaudid

Dilaudid has high lipid solubility. This drug can cross your blood-brain barrier easily and also spread to other body tissues because of ease of route across the cell membranes. Dilaudid is five times more powerful than morphine on a one-milligram basis. This is because of its greater distribution in your central nervous system.

When taken orally, this is absorbed by the gastrointestinal lining in the portal circulation. On the other hand, once injected, Dilaudid directly goes into your blood. Thus, the effect happens in just a matter of five minutes. When taken orally, the drug starts to work within 30 minutes. It is fifteen minutes in an intramuscular injection, five minutes in IV injection and 30 minutes in rectal administration.

In liver, Dilaudid undergoes extensive metabolism by enzymes. It’s translated into hydromorphone-3-glucuronide as well as reduction metabolites. Roughly 95 percent of Dilaudid is translated into hydromorphone-3-glucuronide, and rest of the drug translates into 6-hydroxy metabolites.

Only a small amount of drug is eradicated in an unchanged type in the urine. The more significant part of this substance is eliminated as hydromorphone-3-glucuronide and slight amounts as hydroxyl metabolites. The general clearance is approximately 1.96 liters/minutes

Dilaudid is a potent and useful pain reliever. The effect of Dilaudid shot takes place in five minutes. But, you have to be a responsible user to avoid addiction.

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