Understand the Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

Cannabis has started to grow popular in the early 1850s for recreational uses.  Because of the intake of this drug highly increased over time, the controlled substance act of the 1970 classified cannabis as the scheduled I drug.

Hence, there are many controversies aroused and surrounding the medical purposes of marijuana. In order to make cannabis more medical friendly, THC (cannabis active ingredient) synthesized in the year 1966 and then US food & drug administration finally approved it in 1985.

Institute of Medicine conducted the study that is sponsored by US government. This study uncovered many beneficial properties of the marijuana. The smoking effects of marijuana have treated some conditions such as wasting caused by AIDS nausea and caused by chemotherapy.

Since 1999, several studies have done to highlight the medicinal benefits of the marijuana. If you want to enjoy the health benefits of marijuana, then you can purchase it from 420 canada. It is the best online dispensary to purchase cannabis products at best price.

Medicinal benefits of marijuana you probably know ever!

Marijuana slows and even stops cancer cells from spreading

As per the study published in the journal molecular cancer therapeutics, marijuana has the capability to stop cancer by switching off the gene named as ID-1. The researchers at California Pacific medical center in the San Francisco reported that cannabis might also prevent cancer cells.  Actually, the American Association for cancer research has also found that cannabis works well to slow down cancer cell growth in breast, brain, and lungs.

Marijuana prevent Alzheimer’s

The active ingredient, THC present in the cannabis slows down the profession of the Alzheimer’s disease. By blocking the enzyme in the brain, which makes Alzheimer disease, THC slows the amyloid plaques formation. These plaques kill the cells in the brain that eventually lead to Alzheimer.

Marijuana treats Glaucoma

Cannabis can also access to treat glaucoma that maximizes the pressure in the eyeball, injure the optic nerve, and then cause loss of vision. As per the National eye institute reports, marijuana decreased the pressure inside the eye and prevents blindness.

Marijuana decreases anxiety

Researchers at Harvard University conducted the study in 2010 and suggested that some drug’s benefits that may reduce anxiety and improve the smoker mood & even act as the sedative in the low doses. However, be aware that high dose of marijuana may lead to raise anxiety and make you paranoid.

Marijuana assist reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco & enhance lung health

In 2012, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. As per this study, marijuana does not damage lung function and even increase the lung capacity. People who are using tobacco and lost lung function over time can highly beneficial from cannabis. With this drug, you can improve your lung capacity.

Apart from these, marijuana offers plenty of health benefits for the users. If you want to avail these health benefits, then you have to purchase it from 420 canada and make use of it.

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