Powerful Tips for Permanent Weight Loss!

Lots of people want to lose weight and perform a harsh diet for a few days or weeks, then gain all or more back. If you are one of these people, be careful. There are ways to lose weight and not to gain back. Here, I will explain 5 powerful tips for permanent weight loss. If you apply all, you will need nothing more and you will have a flat belly. Do you imagine how will it make you feel?

Permanent Weight Loss Starts with Planning

Most people want to lose weight as fast as possible. There are weight loss pills and fat burners like Phentramin-D, which can be effective, of course. But, it is not a magic, all is about your body. And, I assure you there are more effective and quicker ways.

Have a look at yourself. If you have extra weight around your belly, you do not want to look at mirrors and you do not want to wear tight dresses. Every time you look at yourself, you decide to start a diet but nothing changes in your body. Every time you tried to lose weight results in a disappointment. After a while, you start to say “OK, it is impossible for me to lose weight, I will never have the body I desired.” But, after all the expectations die out, a solution appears in the horizon. This is why you are reading this article.

First thing you need to do is making a successful plan for weight loss. If you do not plan how to lose weight in the beginning, it is so hard to succeed. Decide what you should do. How many times in a day you should eat? Do you stop eating flour and bakery products, or how much you will eat? How much sugar you will take? How many hours you will do sports? When you will do your sports? Will you take any supplements during weight loss? Decide all of them. Here are 5 tips for you to

  1. Program Your Mind First for Weight Loss that Lasts

Think about yourself and the people you see around who are best fit to your dreams’ body. Your weight and your appearance is the result of your life style. And their’ is so. Fit people likes eating healthy, enjoys doing sport everyday and challenge themselves for becoming better every day. Compare yourself with them. You like eating bakery and sugar? You are so lazy to do sports? If it is so, every time you tried to lose weight, you will fail, or you will gain back the pounds you lose, maybe even more. If you really want to be fit, you should change your mind first. If you do not change your mind, you cannot change your life style, and you cannot change your appearance.

Of course it is not easy, but possible. You can get help, there are hypnosis or subliminal programs to set your mind for weight loss. The important point here is that you should change your mind to change your eating and exercise habits.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

When you look at yourself in the mirror, I can hear that you say “Ok, I do not like this body, I will change it, I will have a flat belly and strong muscles as soon as possible.”. or ” I will wear my bikini in the summer without fear, I have 3 months and I will lose all my extra weight.”. These are not realistic, after a while you started a weight loss program, you will pale quickly. And you will say “I do not have a strong will, I will always stay fat.” Setting up high goals ruins your confidence & self-esteem, and you lose the power that drives you for weight loss. You cannot continue your program any more.

Here is another scenario. You look at yourself in the mirror and you say “I have a fat belly, I need to start losing weight, I will give 2 pound weight per week.” When you lose 2 pounds at the end of the week, you say yourself “I succeeded!” It is a good start, you are building up your self-esteem while losing your weight. The power which drives you for weight loss is strengthened, and you can continue your program more confidently. And one day at the end, you will like your appearance in the mirror.

  1. Follow Diet for Effective Weight Loss

When you decided to lose weight, you say yourself “I am eating too much, I will stop eating and I will lose weight as soon as possible.” However, stopping eating is not a good decision for your health, and even if you lose weight, it will not be permanent. After a while, you will find yourself crazy hungry and you will start eating too much again. You need a meal plan, you need to learn what you will eat when and how much. Keep in mind that the most effective diet for weight loss is the most healthy one. A healthy diet will guide you to eat what and when to burn fats, not to stay hungry and to drive your metabolism. If you have a diet program only tells you what to eat and not, it is not sufficient. If you have a diet program only tells you the ways to speed up your metabolism, it is not sufficient also.

A ketogenic diet is generally recommended by health and fitness experts, in which you eat natural fats and proteins more, but you are restricted in the amount of carbohydrates you take. Ketogenic diet is not only effective, but also healthy and beneficial. Make your own meal plan in the light of experts’ suggestions.

  1. Weight Training Program

You may lose weight by a proper diet, but if you want to change your appearance and look fit, you definitely need exercise. You can join a weight training session in a fitness center. In addition to this, you can do cardio to speed up your metabolism and to build more muscles. Keep in mind that you need to do exercise at least three times a week.

  1. Use Only Suggested Supplements that Really Work

If you want, you can take fat burning supplements. However, you need to be careful. There are lots of supplements but only a few of them are healthy and effective. You can use Phentramin-D or Phentermine, as a suggestion, they are high quality and effective fat burners in the market.

Time to Take Action!

Here are 5 steps to permanent weight loss: Mindfulness, factuality, right diet, workout and proper supplementation. Do not start harsh and fast in your program otherwise you will return to your old habits, be determined, work consistently and do not lose self-discipline. And do not wait for the proper time, do not wait Monday or tomorrow to start, start immediately, there is no better time.

Reference: http://epixweightloss.com/real-permanent-weight-loss/

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