Natural Remedies to Boost Male Fertility

A widely accepted concept of happy married life is that it remains incomplete if men lack the healthy sperm needed for fertility. It is not the all is lost with fertility but a balance of hormones in men is essential to living a happy social life. There are many cases when men’s health medication plays a role in boosting male fertility or many take the help of drugs like Tadacip 20 mg to produce healthy sperm. Natural remedies have their own importance and they are proved effective in treating infertility in men.

Male infertility – a condition to treat at earliest:

Every man has productive or healthy sperm in some quantity. There are various reasons when men lose healthy sperm even before reaching puberty and become a victim of impotency or infertility. Our lifestyle, our diet, our way of living and working all play a major role in maintaining enough number of active and fertile sperm count. No surprise, the cases of low testosterone in males are rapidly growing across the world. Our haphazard lifestyle and environmental changes are highly responsible for inviting this condition.

No man wants to live in the trauma of infertility and makes effort to come out of this embarrassment. Generally, men look for every possible solution to boost sex hormones whether it comes through medication or natural way. As far as natural remedies for infertility are concerned, they focus on basic things of life. It can be termed as a natural treatment as needed for the men’s health medication to improve fertility.

Here are some popular natural remedies that men can consider to boost their fertility.

Vitamin D can improve fertility:

Vitamin D is a form of fat-soluble vitamin which is naturally produced in the skin when exposed to sunlight. Men living with low testosterone should have a considerable exposure to sunlight. This vitamin can activate the steroid hormone in the body to boost libido and thus boosting fertility. Nowadays, a large number of people especially those living in urban areas have a very little exposure to sunlight, inviting deficiency of vitamin D. The effectiveness of vitamin D is also proved by the research studies where participants with more exposure to sunlight were found to have increased their testosterone levels.

Zinc can boost male fertility:

Zinc is an important mineral and an essential part of a healthy diet to boost male fertility. Many people tend to ignore this mineral that has potential to save you from low orgasm in the bed. Zinc can help in increasing quality sperm and pregnancy rates. It works with different enzymes in the body to improve the reproductive system. This mineral can also help you establish a balance between your estrogen and progesterone levels in order to ensure a good functioning of reproductive system. It works similarly like Tadacip to boost male fertility. Some zinc-rich food products are pumpkin seeds, garlic, watermelon seeds, sesame seeds, and dark chocolate.

Take green tea to improve sperm quality:

The regular intake of green tea can boost the quality of sperm needed for fertility. Its extract contains up to 40% of water-extractable polyphenols as compared to black tea that has up to 10%. The polyphenols have four types of elements known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin, epicatechin, and epicatechin gallate. These are estrogen receptors to improve fertilization strength in men.

Lycopene can treat infertility:

Men are advised to consume food products that have plenty of lycopene, a wonderful compound to boost fertility. The elevated levels of lycopene can improve the quality of sperm. Research studies have found that this compound can decrease DNA damage while developing the quality of sperm. It is a potent singlet oxygen quencher, of various carotenoids, that is helpful in the treatment of male infertility without going through the men’s health medication. The lycopene supplements can also enhance mature sperm count. Several food products like carrots, papaya, guava, and watermelon have a good amount of lycopene.

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