How to Choose a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Riding a bicycle has tons of benefits. It’s a great exercise. Its fun and a break from daily stresses. Unfortunately, it can also put you in the harm’s way.

If you find yourself in an accident with a motor vehicle, you’ll need to mount the best case in court. One that will help you get the compensation you need. That’s why you should engage the services of a competent Bicycle accident lawyer in Portland, OR

These are some basic tips on how to engage the services of an accident attorney. Be sure to follow them fully.

  1. Choose a Firm that Specializes in Bicycle Injury Law

Countless lawyers are available for your legal representation. But, what do they know about cycling law? Choose a law firm that specializes in bicycle injury law.

Remember, there are different categories of law. Whereas general lawyers can offer some advice on the case, they may not be the best experts to win a case in court.

  1. Check the Experience and Success Rate

Personal injury attorneys are not many. Considering the number of lawyers available in the market, only a handful are experts in a bicycle accident and consequent injuries.

But how do you determine whether an attorney is an expert in the field or not? By evaluating their experience in the industry. Don’t just focus on the number of years they have been in the industry, No.

But also focus on the number of cases that the experts have successfully won in court. In doing this, you’ll be able to determine whether your case becomes successful or not.

  1. Schedule a Meeting with an Attorney

Before hiring a personal injury attorney, you’ll need to arrange for a meeting. The main purpose is to determine whether you’ll engage their services or not.

During this consultation, determine whether they’re listening to your needs and concerns. Check how they’re answering your questions. Are they thorough and comprehensive? If yes, go ahead and hire them. If don’t engage their services.

Choose an expert who understands your anger and frustrations. With all the pain and costs, the last thing you need to worry about is the expertise and qualification of your attorney.

Engage an attorney who’ll make the process simple and hassle-free as possible.

  1. Cost

Before engaging the services of an attorney, consider their charges. Don’t get confused. Enquire whether the charges they levy are inclusive of claim filing charges in court or not.

Also, remember, the services you get are equivalent to the rates you pay. As such, be very cautious of law firms that charge extremely low rates. Where the rates are extremely low, that’s an indication that the representation services you get are likely to be of low quality.

But that doesn’t mean you settle for lawyers charging highest rates, No. check their rates against their reputation, expertise, and prevailing market rates.

Don’t forget, the success of your claim application is dependent on the person you hire as your attorney.

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