More Understanding of Upper Extremities Conditions

The busy and hectic life we live today might cause some health problems. Some of the problems that you may experience may include injuries and chronic pain in your upper extremities. Choosing the right specialist to see when you have such issues might prove to be hectic. Dr. Kristopher Downing in La Jolla provides advanced surgical and nonsurgical treatments for the upper extremities. He and the clinic team offer highly customized, expert care that may include conservative non-operative orthopedics, reparative orthopedics, and meticulous orthopedic surgeries. Appointments are available by calling the practice or scheduling online.

What are some of the services that are offered at the clinic?

  1.     Trauma specialist

Trauma is commonly known for causing orthopedic injuries and problems. An orthopedic specialist could treat most of these injuries caused by trauma. However, fractures are the most severe type of injury that requires orthopedic treatment. Below are some of the common orthopedic traumas:

  •         A stable fracture separates the bone, but the ends of your bone line up and are barely out of their usual place.
  •         Hairline fractures are known to be thick cracks in a bone that don’t go the whole way through.
  •         Compound fractures are more severe breaks with increased displacement. Depending on the seriousness of your fractures, your bone could pierce your skin.
  •         A comminuted fracture occurs when a bone breaks into three more pieces. Comminuted fractures usually require surgical repair.

Learn how traumatic orthopedic injuries are diagnosed and treated

On your consultation, the clinic’s team offers thorough exams to diagnose trauma injuries. They will engage you by asking about your symptoms and what you were doing when the damage occurred. They also use x-rays or MRI scans to confirm their diagnosis and pinpoint the precise location of your injury. The specialist recommends a cast or sling for some mild injuries and surgical treatment for severe fractures. Physical therapy is also essential when recovering.

  1.     Regenerative orthopedics specialist

Reparative or regenerative orthopedics involves using technology reparative therapies to support and accelerate your body’s healing process. Below are some of the conditions that regenerative medicine can help you recover from:

  •         Arthritis
  •         Tendonitis
  •         Bursitis
  •         Muscle strains
  •         Ligament strains
  •         Fractures
  •         Surgery

What are the available regenerative orthopedics procedures?

The team incorporates the below therapies into your orthopedic treatment plan. They include:

  •         PRP injections

With the help of platelets, your body holds the growth factors and proteins that your body uses to repair and build cells and tissue. When injected into your injured tissue, PRP stimulates the repair process and floods your body with the nutrients it needs.

  •         Lipoaspirate therapy

The high concentration of pericytes in lipoaspirate enables the recruitment of cells needed out of your body’s circulation into areas where you need the most. The treatment provides your body with the cellular materials it needs to repair itself.

To sum up, if you are interested to learn more about upper extremist conditions and if the treatments offered by the clinic are right for you, call the clinic or make an appointment online today.

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