Enhance Your Dental Health through Safe, Effective Oral Surgery in Texas            

Overcrowded teeth, decayed teeth, or impacted wisdom teeth are some of the instances where oral surgery might be necessary. Scott Young, DDS, graduated from Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies- one of the world’s most reputable cosmetic dentistry institutions. He has conducted more than 15,000 cosmetic restorations, most of which need professional surgery procedures. If you require oral surgery in The Woodlands, Texas, and a professional dental team that treats you like family, schedule a consultation by calling the office of Scott Young, DDS, or use the online booking tool.

What Dental Concerns Can Oral Surgery Address?

Dr. Young and the team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners at Scott Young, DDS, offer in-house oral surgery to enhance their patients’ convenience. Oral surgery can be used to address a wide range of dental health concerns, including:

Ø  Fractured teeth.

Ø  Root canals.

Ø  Impacted wisdom teeth.

Ø  Sleep apnea or severe snoring.

Ø  Dental implants.

Ø  Decayed teeth.

Ø  To prepare for implant-supported dentures.

Ø  Jaw issues such as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ).

Is Anesthesia Necessary for Oral Surgery?

Depending on your treatment procedure, you might require a local anesthetic to numb your treatment area. Besides, if you are having a more complex or time-consuming procedure, you might require general anesthesia.

Dr. Young and the expert medical team will explain your procedure’s particulars and your available anesthesia alternatives before treatment so that you know what to expect. In addition, the providers at Scott Young, DDS, provide sedation dentistry to help patients remain sedated or relaxed if they feel nervous or anxious about an upcoming oral surgery appointment.

How Is the Recovery Following Oral Surgery?

The actual recovery time varies from one individual to another, particularly because all procedures are customized according to their dental concern. Nevertheless, you should expect some bleeding and swelling after tooth extraction for about 24 hours following surgery. You might also experience slight discomfort depending on the extent of treatment.

If necessary, your provider at Scott Young, DDS, offers you pain management prescriptions to help you remain comfortable during recovery. Dr. Young recommends that patients rest enough to allow the body to recover after the surgery fully and avoid any strenuous activities.

Most patients are likely to resume their routine activities in about 48 hours, but Dr. Young will offer you specific recovery guidelines following your particular procedure. As your mouth heals, you should also ensure to maintain good oral hygiene. However, avoid spitting or vigorous rinsing in the initial 24 hours to not interfere with the stitches or the early healing stages.

That said, oral surgery can correct an extensive range of various oral concerns and help you enjoy better dental health. Suppose you are concerned about an oral surgery procedure; in that case, Scott Young, DDS, guarantees patients in The Woodlands and the greater Texas community the highest level of care from some of the region’s best dental specialists. To get started, call the office or go online to book an appointment.

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