Tooth Replacement Techniques to Help You Restore Your Beautiful Smile

You may lose your natural teeth due to several factors, such as tooth extraction or advanced periodontal disease. Missing teeth can significantly not only affect the appearance of your smile but also your oral health. Fortunately, the Campbell tooth replacement experts offer a wide range of options to fill in the gaps in your smile.

What is tooth replacement?

Tooth replacement is a dental procedure that involves replacing missing teeth while protecting your oral health. Missing teeth not only affect your health but also may distort your attractive smile. Missing teeth can cause dental issues such as:

  •                     Difficulty eating
  •                     Headaches
  •                     Changes in your speech
  •                     Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction
  •                     Misalignment of teeth

Missing teeth also increases work on your remaining teeth, leading to premature wear and tear, bone loss, or potential damage.

Why should you go for tooth replacement?

Missing teeth can be a result of numerous reasons like therapeutic tooth extraction or tooth loss. Other reasons that may cause loss of teeth are:

  •                     Infection or abscess
  •                     Impacted teeth
  •                     Advanced periodontal disease
  •                     Facial trauma
  •                     Receded gums
  •                     Oral bone defect
  •                     Age-related bone loss
  •                     Deformed or malformed teeth

If missing teeth are causing you further dental problems, tooth replacement is the solution. Tooth replacement aids in protecting your oral health, bone structure from further damage, natural teeth, and general wellness. The professional team at Ueno Center Dental Specialists offers personalized tooth replacement plans that address the root cause of your tooth loss and prevent further damage to the remaining teeth.

What are the available tooth replacement options?

Missing teeth can undoubtedly distort your smile’s appearance. Luckily, dental specialists have come up with excellent options to replace missing teeth and restore your brilliant smile. Some of the available tooth replacement options include:

  •                     Flipper

A flipper refers to a removable partial denture that is fitted on the palate of your mouth to fill in the gaps of your missing teeth and enhance your smile. This device, however, has a setback in that you have to remove it to eat, and it is very fragile.

  •                     Dentures

Dentures refer to prosthetic teeth that replace missing teeth and provide sturdy support for your natural teeth to prevent misalignment. The team takes dental impressions of your teeth before creating customizable dentures that fit perfectly in the gaps.

  •                     Fixed bridge

A fixed bridge is a dental restoration that joins a prosthetic tooth to the adjacent natural teeth to keep it in place. Fixed bridges are made from porcelain to blend in aesthetically with your natural teeth.

  •                     Metal partial

A metal partial is a temporary denture that connects to crowns or natural teeth for support. The metal frame is hardly visible, but when you smile or laugh, the clasps may be visible.

  •                     Dental implants

Dental implants are dental restorations that provide a sturdy foundation for permanent or removable artificial teeth that blend in naturally with your natural teeth.

Most teeth replacement techniques have unique drawbacks, including some that may damage your teeth or become ill-fitting over time. The team recommends dental implants as the most appropriate and comfortable solution for missing teeth.

For more information about tooth replacement options, call the office or book your spot online.

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