Pieces of Advice for Preventing Back Pain

A bad back can lead to all sorts of pain. Your shoulders tightening, neck hurting, or splitting headaches may be caused by it. At this point, you would make an effort to look for chiropractic services around Salt Lake City with the intention to fix your bad spine.

How does it happen? The thing about chronic pain is that once you feel that you have it, it may already be too late. This is why it is best to act earlier while you don’t have the signs yet. It’s time to start improving your habits for you to have a healthier spine and a pain-free future.

Breaking the Sleeping Habit

There are many things you do every day that can contribute to hurting your back. A problem can only be solved if you’re aware that you have it. The daily frequency of these activities masks its bad effects on you.

One of life’s necessities is sleep. It is how you recharge so that you can prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. Before you get your winks, though, check how many pillows you use and how high or low they prop your head up. Take into account that you will toss and turn while you sleep, so your head at times might lie on its side.

Your pillow then should not be too high or too low. Too high will make your head lean forward too much, and too low will make it lean back too far. This will cause your neck to curve awkwardly, which is a condition called lordosis

You can also try checking pillows made out of memory foam. This type of foam can form around your head and neck for the right amount of support.

On chairs or couches, you tend to slouch when you become too comfortable. This can cause you to develop kyphosis or a back that is badly curved. If left unchecked, it can manifest as a huge mass on your back. There are also times when you lie down on the couch and use the armrests as a place to rest your head. This is not a good idea, as they usually are at a sharp angle and not soft. This will make you bend your neck uncomfortably.

Modern Problems

Whether it’s at work or at home, many people are glued to their computer screens. It would be bad enough for you to spend too much time using your gadget, but it could be worse if you had bad ergonomics. Many factors need to be considered and should be approached holistically. Eye and monitor leveling, hand and arm positioning, and seating height are all integral to workstation ergonomics. Make sure that the equipment you have is all chosen to be of service to them.

Another modern device, the smartphone, can contribute to back pain. The way you crane your neck forward and for a long time will put a strain on it. This is how the term text neck was coined. You can see people all around with their heads down facing their phones. It’s no wonder the term was created.

Wean yourself away from your phone every now and then. Keep it in your pocket when you are walking. And while you’re on the move, tell yourself to keep your back straight and look ahead. Try looking at tall things such as trees or buildings to counteract the effects of your head having a constant downward angle.

Save Your Neck

Have you ever noticed how standing for a long time can be exhausting? You are a creature that is meant to move, so do exactly that. Remember that you are carrying your own weight. Being stationary for a long time means that you are putting constant pressure on your spine. When you move, you get your muscles pumped and your juices flowing. Strengthen yourself so that you can carry yourself better. On the same note, managing your weight will also be helpful.

Moving around will do a lot of positives for your health in general. So you will get benefits in other areas, not just your spine.\

Your spine contains all the important nerves of the body. It’s like the main highway of impulses. Take care of it as if your life depends on it.

Meta Title: Beyond the Curve: Tips to Maintain Spine Health

Meta Description: Daily activities can put a strain on various parts of your spine. Be aware of how you may be damaging it and fix your habits if needed.

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