How a Woman Can Balance Her Hormones?

If you are a woman who has hormones imbalance problems and you are looking for ways to address this there are a number of things you are going to do. Before you even begin to look for solution, first you have to begin with some blood test. Not any test though, the first types of blood test you want to get done are your reproductive hormones; estrogen, testosterone, progesterone. Those are the three area you have to go for, these will let you know where your levels are with those tests. The next tests are for your Adriano glands; your cortisol, DHEA, and androgens. You also want to test your thyroid glands; your T4 and T3 are important, also thyroid antibodies. The next thing you want to get tested is your vitamin D, medical experts would tell you that Vitamin D is actually a hormone and not a vitamin as many people out there assume. The truth is that a lot of women and people who are plant base on vegan diets are actually deficient on vitamin D and they don’t even know it. So, if you have troubles in losing weight or you notice your hairs are falling off, you might be low on vitamin D. The other blood test you need to do is fasting blood glucose, to measures the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood and test for diabetes or pre-diabetes.

The next thing that would help naturally balance your hormones as a woman is to get rid of the chemicals’ this include your make ups, skin care, your cleaning supplies, this is because your skins absorbs about 60% of what is put on it. It is extremely that whatever you put on your body is made of good quality ingredients. Try to avoid chemical-based skin cares and others. Make sure that whatever you are putting on your skin is what you are eating. There are lots of chemicals out there that are endocrine disruptors, these are chemicals and pesticides that interfere with your endocrine systems and are capable of causing cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other disorders. There is a resource that can help you for, and it’s a simple apps which you can download on your mobile phone. The Apps is called “Think Dirty”, it’s also free.

One more natural way to enhance your hormone imbalance is to eat good healthy fats. This is very important because many people, especially in the vegan community believe so much in the high carb low fat vegan or HCLF vegan diets as the best and only way to go. The truth is that it doesn’t work for everyone, you are better off monitoring the amount of fats you are eating and making sure that you get enough, no, I am not talking about processed oil or fried foods. You have to understand that everyone is different, some people can tolerate and enjoy less fat in their diet, while others do well with higher fats in their diets.

The next thing you need to understand about balancing your hormones is stress managements. There so many things you can do to manage stress, however, these are outside the scope of this article, not withstand, here are some tips that can be helpful. If you are high on caffeine, you have to start limiting your caffeine intake. Have you ever had the caffeine shakes where your brain goes into a melt down and you have this strange anxiety ridden crack addict? This can really increase your stress levels and you don’t need that any more. So, cut down seriously on your caffeine intake. You can also try working out as a means of stress management, doing regular simple exercises. The key thing is to move your body and sweat from time to time, this can help address some form of stress. There are a number of things you can engage in every morning to have a good day start; yoga, meditating, listening to soft and soothing music, something to lift up your spirit for the day ahead. Whatever you do to help you balance your hormones, it is always better to see a certified intuitionist or a dietician with good knowledge in female hormone imbalance. More please see: Acidaburn