Here Are Some Home Remedies to Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A narrow passway on the palm side of the hand surrounded by bones and ligaments is a carpal tunnel. Compression of the median nerve can lead to numbness and weakness in the hand, called carpal tunnel syndrome. The condition is the result of everyday activities like playing a musical instrument or manual labor. In rare cases, computer typing can also be a cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

This starts gradually and can affect both hands. In most patients, the pain gets worse over time, so early treatment is essential. The doctors recommend the patients for wrist splints and avoid heavy exercises. Moreover, lifestyle changes and medications are also preferable. 

It is not a severe medical condition and can be treated easily. People mostly prefer home remedies, and Westfield carpal tunnel specialist helps to provide specific tips and guidance for it. 

Various Home Remedies Include: 

  • Breaks for repetitive tasks When a worker is working with a hand drill or a musician is playing a musical instrument, they must set a timer for 20 minutes. After it goes off, they must take a break to stretch their arms and hands to increase the blood flow in those areas. 
  • Wrist splints Mostly, keeping the wrist in a straight position can relieve the pressure, but during the night, the symptoms are common, so doctors prefer to wear wrist splints so the person might not feel strain and feel relief before the start of symptoms.
  • Lighten up It means a person feels strains during their day-to-day tasks like writing or typing. They must relax their grip and try to use a soft grip pen or pencil. 
  • Mind your flexion Not to perform activities that make wrists flex in one direction and keep it neutral. 
  • Stay warm Keeping hands warm can relieve pain. Try to wear gloves and hand warmers.
  • Stretch out These are the quickest possible exercises one can perform while standing in the queue of a grocery store or at the work desk. For example, people roll their fingers and then slide them straight. Repeating this exercise 5-10 times can relieve any pressure on the wrist. 
  • Elevation of hands when possible This remedy is effective if carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pregnancy, plasters, and fluid retention issues. 
  • Try medications Medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen help reduce the pain and inflammation around the nerve. The doctors also recommend steroids to reduce swelling and inflammation around the nerve. 
  • Slather on some pain relief In slaughterhouses, workers use topical menthol to reduce pain significantly. 

These tips and remedies are used for this condition but if the results are absent then the patient must consider visiting a physical therapist. They will provide advanced exercises to reduce pain.

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