Custom Peptide Synthesis in Canada

Meta Desc: Custom peptide synthesis is huge in Canada. With the strict standards observed by the custom peptide synthesis companies in this country, it is the best place to get all your custom peptides.

Custom Peptide Synthesis in Canada

Canada is one of the countries in the world to go to if you are interested in high quality peptides. The country has made great strides in peptide synthesis and it observes high and strict standards concerning peptides synthesis, making Canada’s peptides some of the best in the world in terms of quality.

There are quite a number of companies involved with peptide syntheses in Canada, and the process of buying peptides in Canada is also relatively easy, thus making it conducive for those who need to purchase peptides for research purposes.

When it comes to peptide synthesis, there are a number of platforms, modifications, purity levels, and formats through which it can be done to ensure that various research objectives are met.

Currently, most peptide synthesis companies synthesize between 4 – 75 amino acids using current solid phase technology. The synthesis scales for custom peptides range from 0.1mg to 1g and the purity levels range from crude levels up to purities of around 98%. The following are some of the distinguishing features of the Canadian peptide synthesis:

  • Versatility – custom peptide synthesis companies synthesize a wide range of peptide grades, formats, modifications, and scales.
  • Quality – the synthesis is done using very pure materials and most companies use ArgonGuard for packaging.
  • Validation – the synthesized peptides are analyzed using MS alone and in some cases, the analysis may be done using HPLC & AAA.
  • Additional enhanced services – most of the peptide synthesis companies in Canada will also offer additional enhanced services such as documentation and traceability.

For you to ensure that you get the best custom peptides in Canada, you should restrict your purchase to recommended synthesis companies or vendors and not just any person who claims to be selling custom peptides. If you do not complete proper due diligence, you may be taken by fraudsters who are only interested in taking your money.

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