Bunion Causes, Prevention, and Treatment Options

Every year, thousands of people seek treatments for pain on their feet. The pain is often caused by a bunion, which is a deformity of the big toe. If you experience bunions in Las Vegas, the good news is that you can seek treatment at the Battle Born Bone & Joint Center. Below is everything you need to know about bunions.

Why Do More Women Than Men Suffer From Bunions

A bunion causes the big toe to deflect towards the other toes, which can be painful. It creates a bump on your foot and can lead to permanent pain or a corn on your second toe. For some people, it can interfere with the wearing of shoes.

Both men and women can have bunions on their feet. However, more women than men develop this condition because of wearing stylish and narrow shoes, which can cause a bone defect. Also, it can develop during menopause because of hormonal changes. It can also be due to the hereditary factor and the unique anatomy of your feet.

When to Seek Medical Attention

It is essential to consult a foot specialist to examine your foot before making a proper diagnosis. You get to benefit from medical advice and remedies to the problem. At the consultation, your specialist conducts a postural test and a comprehensive bio-mechanics examination to reveal the root cause of the problem.

Treatment Options for Bunions on the Foot

Your specialist recommends two treatment options to remedy this condition. The first option is to wear orthotics, which helps control the pain and slow down the symptoms. The doctor may perform a postural analysis and stimulate the foot to determine mobility.

If the orthotics are necessary, the specialist molds a custom-made heel to suit your needs. This technique is effective and adaptation can take at least three weeks. In severe cases, your doctor may recommend bone surgery on your foot to correct the deviation caused by the bunion. After that, the doctor prescribes plantar orthotics as a long-term solution.

Are There Side Effects of Wearing Plantar Orthotics?

Bunions can cause discomfort from irritation when you are walking. In some cases, it can manifest as a sharp pain in the foot. The advantage of wearing plantar orthotics is that it distributes weight under your foot, which relieves pressure in the joint. From using the orthotics, you feel more comfortable and you can endure walking without feeling much pain. With time, there is less pain thanks to the orthotics.

Tips to Relieve Pain on Your Feet

The number one solution to relieve pain on your feet is to wear comfortable shoes that reduce external friction. Also, you can buy over-the-counter protectors for cushioning the bunion bump. Another option is to apply a gel that reduces pressure under your foot. Lastly, avoid walking barefoot as the affected foot requires support.

If a bunion is causing pain and discomfort, several treatment techniques are available. Book an appointment with a specialist at Battle Born Bone & Joint Center to begin your treatment.

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