What makes the sports supplements so important?

Muscle recovery after training is a rather painful process for beginners in sports and those who irrationally load their bodies. To avoid or reduce the discomfort after the gym, special nutrition and a properly designed training program and Proglycosyn supplementation will help.

Recovery supplements

  • After training you need:
  • Restore water balance in the body.
  • Give the muscles material to recover.
  • Recover lost energy resources.

The first thing to do after exercise is to drink 500 ml of water in 1 hour. In the process of training, a lot of fluid is lost with sweat and the body needs to replenish the expended resources to recover. Without water, you will feel drained, lethargic, and hungry.

Water intake is necessary, but does not completely solve the main problem – recovery and elimination of pain. These tasks are effectively handled by sports supplements.

What exactly should be taken:

Protein. It is the foundation for muscle growth and recovery. Take a protein shake 30 minutes after your workout and before bed.

BCAA amino acids. A complex of amino acids is necessary to stop the process of muscle breakdown and the production of anabolic hormones. Thanks to these additives, pain is reduced, subsequent training becomes effective. Taking BCAAs is recommended before and after going to the gym.

Gainer. The advantage of the gainer is the combination of proteins and carbohydrates in the proportions required by the body. This supplement restores energy resources, helps to feel refreshed and relieve fatigue. You can take a gainer both before and after training.

Creatine. One of the most effective post-workout muscle recovery aids. Creatine gives muscles the energy they need to grow and also prevents muscle breakdown. This type of sports supplement should be taken in combination with carbohydrates and proteins.

Glutamine. It is an amino acid that strengthens the immune system and increases the protective functions of the body. Glutamine also reduces post-workout pain and speeds up muscle recovery.

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