Avoid These Drinks If You Get Rid Of Your Puffed Up Belly

Abdominal bloating is a common problem and because of various factors, this problem sometimes makes a person to not have a normal life. Constipation, excess of gas are some of the problems that a person comes across when suffers from bloating and what we focus on to deal with it is avoiding such foods that are responsible for that. But we should overlook on the drinks that are the culprit in your no winning a bloating war. Many people have the over-the-counter medications when suffering from bloating when it happens sometimes and it works, for that, you can easily have all your non-prescribed medicines at your doorsteps through a Canadian pharmacy.

Here are some of the drinks that you overlook upon if you want your belly not to be puffed up:

  • Coffee– Caffeine is present in coffee and this is the main ingredient that causes the intestinal spasm and colic. It also irritates the intestinal linings and over stimulates the stomach lining.
  • Tea– Causing sensitivities and indigestion tea is another culprit which causes your stomach to be bloating. Strong black varieties contain a considerable amount of caffeine similar to coffee.
  • Wine– Wine is a type of alcoholic drink, which is highly acidic and is responsible for abdominal bloating. It is prepared from the fermented grape juice, it irritates the digestive tract and results in gas. Sulfites are the alcohol preservatives that many of the manufacturers use in wine and many people are allergic to it resulting in producing an excess of gas.
  • Beer– Along with many of the carbonated drinks beer is also considered as the culprit when it comes to abdominal bloating. Some of the ingredients like wheat and yeast which are very much hard to digest by some of the people.
  • Energy Drinks– These are the worst killer when it comes to tour health. Containing both sugar and caffeine they become more strong culprit causing poor digestion, gas and bloating. So one should avoid such energy drinks.
  • Fruit Juices– Manufacturers advertise to offer you all the nutrients through these fruit juices but actually what you are left with is concentrated water and sugar. A high amount of fructose can upset your stomach and triggers acid indigestion or gas attack. So one must avoid fruit juice to get rid of abdominal bloating.
  • Milk– Milk is the one culprit that we can put it in the top of the list. Containing lactose which is sometimes hard for few people to digest, milk is intended for the growth and nutrients but according to age, many people lose the ability to process milk. Many people have allergies and sensitivities towards milk, and if you have the chocolate milk then you are pushing towards the indigestion problems.

All the above-mentioned drinks should be strictly avoided by the people suffering from abdominal bloating and besides this also make sure that you have a healthy diet with regular exercise.

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