Are You Aware About These Myths About Coronavirus?

Ever since this pandemic situation was created due to COVID-19, people’s life has totally changed and the medical fraternity is making many different trials to know about this new virus without any success. As a result, lots of rumors about this virus have started spreading among people.

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Following are few myths that has started spreading among people and we are telling you the actual truth in this write up.

  1. COVID-19 is actually manmade virus created purposely

Unless, it is proved by various agencies, we cannot believe in this conspiracy theory, as no conclusive proof could be established.

  1. Hot bath or hot weather will kill virus

The virus has spread in hot regions too and also hot water cannot kill the virus.

  1. Chinese package can be dangerous

Actually the virus can remain alive for few days and hence Chinese package which may take much longer to reach you will not be dangerous.

  1. Wash your hand only by antibacterial soap

It is not necessary, you can use any soap and wash your hand at least for 20 seconds, which will be sufficient to kill this virus.

  1. Annual flu shot can also be effective for COVID-19

Not correct, it may prevent only secondary emission and help your doctor to formulate better diagnosis.

  1. Hand dryers can kill virus of our hand

No, so far only 20 seconds washing with soap water or rubbing with 70% alcohol has only proven to be effective.

  1. Thermal scanners can detect COVID-19

No, that is only meant for detecting high temperature and nothing else. An infected person may have high temperature.

  1. Pneumonia vaccine can kill COVID-19

No, so far it has not been scientifically proven. Medical researchers all over the world are working to build a necessary vaccine.

  1. Breath hold test can confirm COVID-19

No, it will only test lung capacity. It will be better to check with pulse oximeter and your SPO2 which should be more than 92%.

  1. Homeopathy/Ayurveda/Herbal medicine can prevent/cure COVID-19

No scientific proof was found yet to back this theory.

  1. Vitamin C can cure infection

This can surely help increase your immune system but it cannot kill the virus.

  1. Old people are only affected by COVID-19

Actually due to lower immune system among older people, they have more chance to get infected but it is equally true with young people too.

  1. By eating garlic infection can be prevented

Though garlic has antimicrobial properties but no evidence has been found that it can prevent virus.

  1. Eating meat will cause COVID-19

No, virus will not spread through eating any non-vegetarian foods.

  1. Dogs can spread virus

World Health Organization has categorically said that it is not possible.

  1. You can kill virus by spraying chlorine or alcohol

If virus already has entered then spraying alcohol/chlorine will not help much.

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