Strategies for Dental Practice Growth in 2022

As a general rule, the average 1,500-patient practice will lose 300 patients per year. This rate is higher in smaller practices than it is in larger ones. This loss is partly because many small practices fail to invest in the necessary technology. Other reasons include a lack of advertising and poor customer service. While there are Six Strategies for Dental Practice Growth in 2022, this article also presents numerous tactics to increase patient retention.

Offering a personalized experience is a sure-fire way to attract new patients.

While referrals are still the most common source of new dental patients, Google search results are an excellent way to generate leads for your practice. Partner with a reputable SEO company to rank high in organic search results and Map Pack listings to maximize your Google presence. The more visibility your practice has online, the more patients you expect to receive. Also, post your latest office hours and specials on your website and social media accounts.

Using online reviews is also essential. Potential patients read reviews online before deciding, and positive reviews encourage them to check out your practice. In addition to increasing online traffic, positive reviews also attract local patients. If you don’t ask for reviews from your current patients, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity. You can follow up with patients after their appointments to request reviews, and you can also post reviews on your website or waiting room.

Investing in technology

Investing in technology early can help your dental practice scale and grow faster. Though it might seem counterintuitive to invest in new tech early, it is essential if you want to grow your practice. As you scale, you’ll need access to better resources and new technology to make the transition easier. If you wait until you have more resources to invest in technology, it will be harder for your practice to adapt.

Investment in digital platforms has skyrocketed, and in 2018, more than $7 trillion was invested in digital platform development. During the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, “teledentistry” searches surged. Tele-Visits can benefit patients who are reluctant to come to the dentist. They may even increase the revenue for dentists. As of summer 2021, a recent survey of 500 dentists revealed that 36% of the respondents report that technology has transformed their practice.

Sponsoring a community program or charity event

There are several ways that a dentist can sponsor a local community program or charity event. These activities help dental practices build relationships with potential patients and establish loyalty with existing patients. Community involvement also allows a dentist to offer services, such as smile makeovers, to the local community. Sponsoring these events also helps dentists write press releases and contact local media.

One strategy for dental practice growth in 2022 is to sponsor a local charity event or community program. Community events provide several benefits for a dental practice, including building brand awareness, broadening networking contacts, and opening new business opportunities. Similarly, a dental practice may participate in a neighborhood children’s soccer league or another recreational team. These sponsorships provide many benefits and help establish a dental practice as a fixture in the community.

Creating a unique selling proposition

Developing a USP is one of the essential strategies for dental practice growth. It should be based on your brand and what makes you different from the competition. For example, you may want to be known for a family-friendly office atmosphere, or you may want to stand out from the rest by having state-of-the-art technology. In addition, you should know what your target patients expect from a dentist, so you should be able to convey that message to them.

To achieve success, you must stand out from the competition. While you can’t change the world overnight, you can build on your past success and make a difference in the market. One of the best ways to do that is to create a positive office culture. A positive office environment will increase employee productivity, retain high-quality employees, and help you improve your bottom line. In addition, if you want to achieve your dental practice’s growth goals in 2022, you should invest in your team members and treat them as assets.

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