Can CBD Help with Allergies?

These days, CBD is classed by many as a health remedy for many ailments. The rolling back of prohibitions on the substance across the world coupled with the many CBD products that are now widely available, it is easy to see the reason for its massive surge in popularity. Certainly, any associations with stoner culture are by now surpassed, and there is just so much that CBD offers that has little to do with that type of recreation.

Yammy CBD (, a company that supplies CBD gummies, oil, vapes, and other related products, say that the list of health problems which CBD can help with is very long indeed. From insomnia to concentration problems and from managing chronic pain to helping with weight loss, CBD is gaining popularity precisely because millions of sufferers of these conditions are finding relief with the substance.

Of course, it should certainly be noted that CBD is not a cure-all and is not really a cure of any type at all. Rather, it can help alleviate the symptoms of some conditions (although in many cases it can reduce them to negligible). Quite simply, it would not be so popular otherwise.

CBD for Allergies

Another use of CBD, which is a little less well known, is its application for treating allergies. Some health benefits of CBD are well-known and the reason for its success, while others are only now coming to light. This is simply a result of the lack of research into the substance and its relative novelty, and CBD for allergies certainly falls into the latter group.

The benefit of CBD if you suffer from allergies is, again, the relief of symptoms. CBD will not stop an allergic rection, but things like red skin, a rash, or itchiness can in many cases be eased.

What is an Allergic Reaction?

If you have ever had an allergic reaction of any severity, then you’ll be well-aware what it looks and feels like! But what’s actually going on in your body?

An allergic reaction occurs on account of your immune system. To simplify the biology, your immune system reacts to what the body thinks are harmful substances, and so inflammation, redness, pain, and so on are often the result.

Allergens themselves are not necessarily harmful, but for certain people who are allergic to them, they can trigger an immune reaction and the resulting unpleasant symptoms. While this reaction would be helpful were your body fighting off anything dangerous, all that happens with an allergic reaction is that it causes discomfort. An allergen, moreover, can be anything to which you are specifically allergic.

Can CBD Help?

As is often the case with CBD, the full research and tests which would allow it to be certified as a medicinal substance have simply not been done yet. However, a recent animal study did reveal that CBD reduces the severity of allergic reactions.

Furthermore, there are mountains of anecdotal evidence from people reporting that CBD helps relieve their symptoms, and there are CBD products recommended specifically for controlling allergic reactions. CBD comes as lotion, which can be applied to rash areas, for example.

So, it seems likely that working CBD into your lifestyle is a good idea if you suffer from allergies, and there are also the other health effects which you can benefit from too. However, it should not be used as a specific treatment when an allergic reaction breaks out – especially a serious one. Again, CBD cannot do anything about what is causing the allergic reaction.

Nevertheless, a CBD-infused lifestyle seems like a sound option for those seeking a life free from the often-debilitating effects of allergic reactions.

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