The Three Common Ways to Treat Your Spinal Conditions

Back pain is the most common spinal condition that affects most people due to their nature of work or getting elderly. Spinal conditions can cause debilitating pain if left untreated and unattended. Patrick S. McNulty, MD, provides McNulty Spine treatment for children and adults in Las Vegas using conservative therapies, spinal injections, and surgical reconstruction to get you back to your daily activities without experiencing excruciating pain.

Conservative therapy

Not all spinal problems require surgery; some only require conservative treatment, which includes lifelong changes and conservative therapy to alleviate your pain level and enhance your ability to function daily.

The following are types of conservative therapies use by doctor Patrick of Las Vegas Neurosurgical Institute to ease your spine pain:

Physical therapy: It is the use of stretching and strengthening exercises to reduce spinal flares.

Pain management: The use of prescribed medication to relieve pain.

Physiatry: involves evaluating how you use your body and how you can make changes and recommend complementary medicine such as acupuncture to improve your functionality and quality of life.

Weight management: Reducing excess weight helps to exert less stress on your back and entire body.

Stress management: By reducing your level of stress, it helps to reduce pain.

Biofeedback: The technique to control your body response and physiological awareness to ease the pain

Heat and ice therapy: Ice or heat packs applied on the affected area such as the back, neck, and shoulders help relieve pain.

Spinal injections

The following types of spinal injections are used to treat numerous spinal conditions that do not respond to conservative therapies:

Epidural steroid injections: It is used to deliver anti-inflammatory medication to an irritated nerve root in the epidural space of the spinal cord.

Facet joint injections: Helps to relieve pain affecting the joints that connect the 24 vertebrae of the spine.

Medial branch nerve blocks: Relieves pain due to the effects of the medial nerve connecting to the joints.

Radiofrequency ablation is an innovative spinal injection that uses heat to damage the nerve tissue with problems.

Sacroiliac joint injection: Helps to ease pain in the lower back, buttocks, and legs.

Sympathetic nerve blocks: Temporarily disables sympathetic nerves in your neck and lower back to normalize involuntary nerve activity in those areas such as digestion, sweating, and blood flow.

Regenerative therapy injections use growth factors in your body to accelerate and support the natural healing process.

Spinal Reconstruction

It involves minimally invasive procedures geared towards fixation, resectioning, stabilization, and correcting spinal conditions that do not heal with both conservative and spinal injections.

Discectomy: Removal of the herniated disc to relieve pressure from compressed nerves.

Laminectomy: Removal of laminae to increase spinal canal space and ease the pressure.

Foraminotomy: Removal of bones and tissue that compress nerve roots in the spine.

Disc replacement: Replacement of injured disc with an artificial disc to relieve pain.

Spinal fusion: Use of bone graft to join two damaged vertebrae

Consult your spine specialist today

Spinal conditions and fractures can harm your daily activities. Imagine not being able to bend to pick your car keys to drive to work? Book an appointment with Dr. McNulty at Las Vegas Neurosurgical Institute, get the best treatment option according to the severity of your condition level, and get back to your daily chores without fear of pain.

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